Saturday, July 21, 2007

Look Who's Talking Now

Some days, it seem like Aiden's progress happens tiny bit by tiny bit. A new word one week, a better vowel sound another week, etc. And sometimes, when you are really paying attention, Aiden's progress seems to skyrocket out of "nowhere".

Last Wednesday was one of those skyrocket days. We were in Belleville for a couple of days and Aiden was up at his usual 6:20 am (that changes when they get older, right?). I went in to get him and there he was, cute as always, jumping up and down in his crib with a big smile. He waved and said, "hi!!" in a big excited voice, handed me his soother and said, "soosie", then "up, up, up". We grabbed a diaper and headed into Noah's where we've been changing Aiden since the change table moved to Ottawa. Noah has a solar system mobile on his ceiling that Aiden likes to watch, so we turned it on and he said, "round and round". When we were finished we turned off the mobile, to which Aiden said, "All done. Bye bye." Going down the stairs it was, "down, down, down". When we got downstairs Aiden greeted Noah with a big, "Moah!!!"

It took me a minute after this exchange had happened to realize - hey! - Aiden just had a little conversation with me (okay, TO me) - USING WORDS!!! The funny thing was that his implant wasn't even on until we came downstairs and saw Noah.

Like I said, some days it seems like the progress is slow. And then there are days when you realize that Aiden's really GETTING IT, and this words are really coming together to help him communicate with us. I just can't wait to see what we'll be saying about him in 6 months time.


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