Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mom? Dad?

One would think that it would be easy to tell if your child can say "Mom" and "Dad" or not. Well, in our case, you'd be wrong! In just the last couple of days, we think Aiden is saying Mom and Dad.... but we're not sure.

Sometimes, when Aiden wants me to pick him up (he can say "up" perfectly), he says "um um" instead of "up up" - which certainly sounds like it could be Mom. Once he said "Mom" SO clearly that Ric and I both turned right around and said, "that was sure clear"! But, he hasn't repeated it.

"Dad" is the same way. He says "da da da", and once said "daddy" very clearly, but not consistently.

Anyway, I guess it's coming!!

Noah is a different story. Aiden has definately mastered saying "Noah". Okay, so it comes out as "oh ah" - but he certainly means Noah. He calls for him when he isn't in the room, or he can't see him. Cute :>

So Cool!

This is SO cool - we recently started tracking visits to Aiden's Blog with a new program (well, new to us anyway) called Google Analytics. We can access the program online (www.google.com/analytics) and it keeps a record of how many people visit our Blog every day, whether they are new or returning visitors and where they are from (actually, only where their ISP's are located - but close enough for the entertainment value!!).

I had no idea what kind of resutls we were going to get, but I have been totally amazed!! I have only been tracking the site for 2 weeks, and already we have had visitors from Melbourne, Madrid, Berlin, Olney (in Buckinghamshire, England), Israel, Seoul, all across Canada, and all across the US (the furthest points being Baton Rouge and Carlsbad). So exciting!! Oddly enough, I have found it very interesting that our LEAST amount of visitors are in Canada.

I wonder what all of you from different parts of the world think of Aiden's Blog. Do you have a hearing loss? Do your children? Is there a Cochlear Implant in your life? Are your daily activites, struggles and hopes much different from our own? Imagine if we could set up a network of friends and visit each other when we are travelling around? :> Very cool.

Whoever you all are, I hope you keep coming back to Aiden's Blog. You have certainly given me a bit of extra incentive to keep my posts current. And, if you have a minute, please leave a comment!